The performance of Frescobaldi Toccatas: an "Affective" challenge for the contemporary performer

presented at Sam Houston State University - Houston (Texas), 12-16  May 2019

  Performing Baroque Repertoire on the modern Piano

presented at UCSI University - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 22 February 2019





    Rhetoric in Music

presented at Princess Galyani Wadhana Music Institute - Bangkok (Thailand), 17 October 2018


    The Sonata for two performers on the same keyboard in the second half of the eighteenth century in Italy

 presented at International Symposium "Music and Metamorphosis", Princess Galyani Institute of Music - Bangkok (Thailand), 29-31 August 2018


     A new approach to the understanding and study of J. S. Bach's Inventions

presented at Baroque Music Symposium, Royal Musical Association (SEA Chapter), NAFA - Singapore, 24 March 2018


    Appreciation of Classic Music

presented at Tammasart University, Faculty of Law - Bangkok (Thailand), 24 February 2018


    Connection between Classical Music and Christianity

presented at Princess Galyani Wadhana Music Institute - Bangkok (Thailand), 20 February 2018






   The importance of a correct approach in music (for both professional musicians and amateurs) to guarantee a stable lifelong benefit

presented at 3rd International Conference on lifelong education and leadership for all, Escola Superior de Educacao do Porto - Porto (Portugal), 12-14 September 2017


  Music and numbers, Myth and religious belief in J. S. Bach's music as essential elements of a proper pedagogical approach

presented at International Symposium "Music and Socio-Cultural Development of ASEAN", Princess Galyani Institute of Music - Bangkok (Thailand), 30 August - 1 September 2017


  A (new?) pedagogical approach: from the music to the score

presented at Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference, Keys to Changing the World, University of Adelaide - Adelaide (Australia), 10-14 July 2017


  Learning classical music through improvisation: (a new approach?) Instructions for use
presented at International Conference on Education and new Developments - Lisbon (Portugal), 24-26 June 2017






  Beethoven and papaya salad: Western Music in Asian countries

presented at 39th Conference of the Musicological Society in Australia - "Shift and Turns: Moving Music, Musicans and Ideas", University of Adelaide - Adelaide (Australia), 30 November-3 December 2016


  Phenomenological and Maieutic approach applied to teaching & learning methodologies in Asian cultures: some preliminary considerations
presented at International Symposium "L'ALTROFESTIVAL, Sergiu Celibidache Venti anni dopo" Associazione ARS ET LABOR - Perugia (Italy), 28-30 October 2016


  Exploring hidden potentials of eighteenth-century Italian keyboard works

presented at International Symposium "Music and Socio-Cultural Development of ASEAN" Princess Galyani Institute - Bangkok (Thailand), 7-9 September 2016


  Maieutics: a teaching and learning approach as applied to western music
presented at 7th International Conference on Intercultural Education, Universidad de Almeria - Almeria (Spain), 15-17 June 2016






      Mistake in Music, a first attempt of study
presented at 5th conference of Society of Music Education In Ireland, Conservatory of Music and Drama - Dublin (Ireland), 6-8 November 2015


  J. S. Bach, something we should know
presented at International Symposium "Classical Music of ASEAN on the World Stage", Princess Galyani Institute - Bangkok (Thailand), 9-11 September 2015


  Modern piano teaching and practice methods: considerations and comparisons with language learning

presented at International Conference on New Horizons in Education - Barcelona (Spain), 10-12 June 2015